Durable Concrete Floor Finishes Designed To Meet Your Demands

Service Description

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The  ownership of  Beyond Concrete  has  an extensive  background in the  construction  industry. They  have  created  the  environment at our company that quality is number “1” and with quality, excellence follows. This is demonstrated daily by constantly visiting job sights and physically reviewing the quality of work being performed. They believe in the Thomas Pertes “In Search Of Excellence” principle of MBWA (Management By Walking Around). Our project supervisors are given feedback on how they are performing and if any action is necessary to increase performance.

Customer Focus & Satisfaction

Our  project  supervisors  visit regularly with your site management  to  receive progress  reports  which  help create a team environment. We also have  customer support assistants  assigned to  each supervisor. They act as service liaisons and can be reached any time during the day. We have a quality and safety inspector whose sole  purpose  is  to  visit  each project and  independently  evaluate  performance and seek feedback from your team. This is reviewed by management and our supervisor teams.

Information & Analysis

Management  has  a  monthly  operational  meeting  where  all departments  report  on their  performance  followed by an open  discussion on how we can continue to improve on our overall company mission. The  company  has  regular  safety  meetings  which  are  an open forum that permits all employees to discuss/suggest any topic that will enhance both quality and team effort.

Customer Support

Everyone at Beyond Concrete takes an active roll in each project. Our Managers, Estimators and other key management personnel are kept up to date on phases of your project. They will be there to answer any questions you may have before, during and after completion of your project. All of our tradesmen are highly skilled and take pride in their workmanship. 

Moisture Remediation


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